Who Are We?

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  • We are Andy, Ben, Chris, Dave, Ollie and Tim.
  • Dave and Andy are brothers. They’ve been playing music together since the dawn of time.
  • Andy and Ollie met in 2003, during their first week at Uni.
  • Within 2 years Andy, Chris, Ollie and Tim were in a band together.
  • When our previous singer left the band in 2006, we needed a new singer. Ben auditioned and got the job.
  • Our first gig with Ben was 31st December 2006. The rest is Mister Kanishtory…

Since 2006 we’ve provided the soundtrack to friendships old and new.

We’ve played gentle acoustic sets at 3pm surrounded by serene Welsh hills. We’ve played 21st birthday parties where the host has drunkenly demanded an extra set at 3am, and the stage is drenched in booze. We’ve played to the most hardcore party goers until 4am in a historic Spanish Villa, or next to beautiful infinity pools in the seaside hills of Majorca.


Our First Van 2003

Our First Van - 2007

Mister Kanish corporate events

We’ve played countless first dances, each one a special memory. Those when the bride and groom have secretly rehearsed for weeks, performing flawlessly as one with the band, leaving everyone astounded – fathers clasping hands and mothers crying tears of joy. Then there’s those when the panick-stricken groom beckons all his mates to join him on stage, halfway through the intro.

We’ve played Sunday afternoon river cruises on the Thames, flanked by tranquil Oxfordshire countryside. We’ve played Saturday nights in venues where the revelry is so intense, and so much flesh is visible on the dance floor, that bouncers have had to intervene.

And we absolutely love it!

When you book Mister Kanish, you know who is going to arrive at your event. Mister Kanish does not split up in to 2, 3 or 4 bands. We are together in the same place for every gig. There is only one Mister Kanish!

Check out our photo gallery and our many videos where you can see us getting older, wiser, greyer, bigger (and then smaller)… right from our first gig at the Warsash Sailing Club on New Years Eve 2006.

Mister Kanish at Guiness 2013

We love Guinness - 2013

In 2016 Ben began a weight loss regime that saw him lose 18 stone in 12 months. Wowzer. Read more in his weightloss blog.

Tim and Dave are both drummers but we don’t turn up with 2 drummers. That would be crazy. Tim is our original drummer, but Dave has always been around as a regular dep. Tim now runs a successful internet marketing business so Dave has become our regular drummer, but Tim loves to come smash out a gig when his busy schedule permits and it’s not too far away from Nottingham!

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